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About this site.

Previously my colleagues surprised me with a template of a web page and they said: may this be about you – since everyone is curious about You, the man behind the companies.

Today changing the goals, after big changes surrounding us, I would like to see this page sharing my experiences of life, entrepreneurship as father, businessman and somebody who care about social responsibility. Traveling around the word, benchmarking the markets, with learning experiences, I am discovering smart ideas, experiences and practices and I am trying to analyze them. I hope, sharing them, I can give information, tips, values, for all interested on it.

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2010. október 31.

Overpriced learning experience

On a cold evening in February 2009, my wife and I traveled home from the gala dinner where Ernst and Young announced the ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year 2008’ award. She asked me how I felt after being on the short list for the award and not winning it. Winning is a good feeling, I answered, but I had already won several awards so this was not so important to me.

tovább a teljes íráshoz

2010. október 31.

Lets pull the dead horse to the future.

Published on “Népszava” – national daily news – author Csiki-Bege Lajos

At first I thought this expression was funny, now I understand the meaning of it. The expert of the CIB told me the above mentioned expression when he explained me how the leaders of the bank would like the transaction to load. My question is – What is really the price of the dead horse? What is the cost of the irresponsible decisions of the banks? Where are all the entrepreneurs whose pep is already bittered gone? How many workplaces do they create and how much tax and interest do they pay today when it would be the most important? What do you think? Do we want to establish new businesses? Would we like take future risks?

tovább a teljes íráshoz

2010. május 23.

„ Three weeks later we cancelled the bankruptcy prevention process, but this was no more an interesting new…..”

Published in “Autoszektor”, the media for automotive business in Hungary:

About a year ago it was breaking news that the creator of one of the first Hungarian Autoplaza, Lajos Csiki-Bege asked for bankruptcy prevention process. on 25 February 2010 Dr Lajos Csiki-Bege declared in a  press conference that he wound up his interests in the car business. After this he answered the questions of the ASZ. Special thanks for Mr Csiki-Bege for this fact and for the unvarnished straightness.

2010. március 26.

Interwiew with Csiki-Bege Lajos

This interwiew was published on the online site of the “Radio Economy”

„ Three weeks later we cancelled the bankruptcy prevention process,

2010. március 23.

Hungarian entrepreneurs, who to join with?

Was issued in the “World Economy” – daily news – author Csiki-Bege Lajos

Cynical bank leader speaks: „Who cares the publicity and the PSZÁF? Nobody.”

And it is true. The bank sector does what he wants with their partners. They can with the contracts, the power and incorrect behaviour in the market. They can ruin and waste the hard work of companies and peoples life with the irresponsible decisions without the fear of any punishment or control. My financial partner had a triple cover for the loan of my company. Despite of that they destroyed my company in the crisis. And the cynical excuse was the following: “We did it for the interest of our stakeholders”

2010. március 17.

Fighting – dead or alive?

Appeared in the “Magyar Hírlap” (Hungarian News)

A typical instance for the situation could be the bankruptcy of the Csiki-Bege, Hungary’s representative middle-sized car dealership company a few weeks ago. The company received the award of company with most promising strategy in 2004 and the award of best trading concern a year later. In 2007 it collected the business ethical award and in case of those brands it represented it was in leading position in the market. The bankruptcy of Csiki-Bege simply just shouldn’t have happened. It is not the sympathy that I might feel for this company or its owner that makes me say that. If a company which yearly turnover was 10 billion HUF and was the employer of hundreds of people could disappear from the market so quick than I can assume no one of us can feel safe.

2010. március 5.

Csiki-Bege is going to quit the automotive business

Was issued in the “Star” Radio on 26 February 2010

2010. február 26.

Companies under the presure of the banks

Published by “Magyar Hírlap” -Hungarian News,

The Csiki-Bege, Hungary’s representative car dealership  has quiting the automotive business. The owner of the company which was leader in the market of the brand it represented and which turnover was 10 billion HUF a year said that one of his regular financial partners prohibited his survival in the crisis.

2010. február 26.

Press conference

Upon the media request, we organized a press conference, in connection with our decision to quit the car trade business.

The theme of the press conference is enclosed in Hungarian.

2010. február 25.

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